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About Sheri

Sheri F Selph
"Sheri's highly qualified to paint in pigments or pixels. But don't let her fancy hat collection fool you—she's not afraid of camping the backcountry or resolving nasty font conflicts."

Sheri hails from the rustic south but found her way to mid-sized metropolitan bliss in pursuit of scenic hilltops and higher education. After completing her MFA in Graphic Design at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, she spent some time soaking in the Nashville scene while accruing an impressive ten years in the marketing and advertising biz. Now serving as Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Middle Tennessee State University, Sheri enjoys the angelic sound of 23 iMacs starting up in the morning and helping students find out their own creative paths.


Sheri Selph Design is a one-woman show but has taps into some very talented resources that can grow your project as efficiently and robustly as needed.



Assistant Professor

Middle Tennessee State University
2017 - present


Middle Tennessee State University
2013 - 2017

Associate Creative Director

2005 - 2012

Adjunct Professor

Middle Tennessee State University
August 2006 - December 2006

Graphic Designer

2002 - 2005

Graphic Designer

Leading Edge Communications
2001 - 2002




Creative Strategy

​​Design is more than visuals. Great design starts with a purpose. Whether you need help with your brand, dynamic direct marketing or a complete campaign, I deliver beautiful design with a specific marketing agenda. I understand you care about the look but also about your bottom line.  ​

I offer a variety of design services including:

  • Brand Development & Logos

  • Direct Mail & Email

  • Websites

  • Magazine Advertising

  • Sales Collateral (Business Cards, Brochures, Posters)



I've done work for Fortune 500 companies — everything from Retail Banking to Casinos to Healthcare. But I love to tackle a design challenge for a smaller business needing to grow.

Most of all, I love working for the clients that love working with me.

Courses Taught at MTSU
  • Graphic Design Technologies - (An Introduction to Adobe Design software, printing & web technologies)

  • Typographic Design

  • Digital Illustration - (Adobe Illustrator)

  • Advanced Illustration - (Traditional Mediums)

  • Word & Image - (An Introduction to Branding & Advertising Design)

  • Interactive Design I (Introduction to web design with HTML & CSS code development)

  • Interactive Design III (Experimental Digital Design Practices)

  • Interface Design (UI)

  • Special Topics in Creative and Marketing  Strategy & Freelance Practices for the
    Graphic Designer

  • Portfolio I & Portfolio II- (Building a Portfolio for Professional Practice)

  • Senior Thesis Project

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