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Work & Process

My process always begins with the message and proceeds with outlining the method in which to communicate that message. I am a creative intellectual— cursed with the desire to decipher how visual concepts work on our psyche. I am into ideas. I am into artistic processes.  I love to balance what's trending and what's timeless. — And with ten years of marketing experience, I know how to sell things. I'm a good creative director, and like most good creative directors, I'm also skilled with a camera, a sketchpad and a thesaurus.


This page is dedicated to the art I do for pleasure. It includes two slideshows of gallery exhibitions: "Bluebeard"  and "American Artifact." In my home office I keep a wall of work-in-progress.  Mixing medias helps me stay balanced as a designer and it keeps me in an experimental mindset.


Sheri Flournoy Selph

Sheri Flournoy Selph Watercolor
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