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Sheri Flournoy Selph Watercolor

@XINEFLY: The Blog

Sheri Flournoy Selph is a lecturer of Graphic Design at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. She enjoys the angelic sound of 23 iMacs starting up in the morning and helping students find their own creative paths.


Xinefly is "design" abbreviated to "xine" and "Flournoy" shortened to 3 letters. A simply constructed alias, it has stuck with me for years. With the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a graphic design educator, I resurrected Xinefly for this shiny, new online space. I'm pleased to bring you discussions on design, fun visual intermissions, and ongoing narrative on what it's like to live with a tiny comedienne.

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Fnd Pinterest discussion boards for some of the courses I teach. And follow me on Instagram for artistic interludes and cute kid pics.

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